Guide to LCD Opening Mode
发布时间:2019-09-19 14:37:54

1. Opening process

Data Verification: Size, Display Graphics, Logic Table, Display Mode, Drive Parameters (Vo, Duty, Bias), Connection Mode, Temperature Conditions, etc.

L Drawing: Shape Drawing Design

L Drawing Confirmation: Drawing Modification

L Mould Making: Layout Design, Photolithographic Film Making (Electrode x2, Border, Silver Point, PI, Test PCB), Screen Printing, Relief, Test Frame

Sampling: sample preparation

Sample Verification: Re-sample or Modified Die Re-sample

2. Opening cycle: generally figure 1-3 days, view paper complexity and original data integrity; sample time (including die making) is generally about 2 weeks after drawing confirmation. Sample making involves many links, including die design, die making, material selection, process selection, trial production and sample testing, so the probability of success is about 90%. If unsuccessful, the cycle may be significantly prolonged.

3. Number of samples: 5-10 PCs (otherwise agreed under special circumstances)

4. Drawing modification: Before the formal confirmation of the drawings, any amendments can be made to the drawings. We will modify the drawings in the first time, no limit on the number of times and no charge for any amendments. Of course, this may affect the cycle.

5. There is no need to re-charge the opening fee for the following reshaping: modifying Vo, modifying polarization mode, inconsistencies between samples and confirmation drawings due to supplier's reasons, etc.

6. Following re-sampling or modification of the die after manufacture requires re-charging the opening fee: the sample and the buyer confirm that the drawings are identical, but the buyer requests modification (size, display pattern, logic table, observation direction, etc.) which results in the need to re-manufacture the die.